Wheels so Clean you can See Right Through.

November 13th, 2006 by William

Every year at SEMA there are a host of new wheels being dropped on the market. The battle it seems is to make the biggest, gaudiest, tackiest, most jewel encrusted set of bling bling wheels possible. Every year the limits are pushed to new levels of stupidity and ridiculousness. In fact this year Asanti came out with a set of preposterously big 34″ blades that were seen in full affect on a Hummer H2. But what really stole the show in the wheel world was a set of transparent wheels from Forgiato Designs by D’Vinci.

Yup, you can see right through these bad boys. Doug McGoon masterminded these super-trick rims and hip hop artists nation wide will be bangin’ down his door to thank him very soon. The wheel-center, which is totally see-through, is made of super-thick polycarbonate (between 1.5 and 2 inches thick). Available in 20-inch and 22-inch (dubs and dub-deuces for all you K-Fed types) these wheels have passed all the safety tests to make them legal for road use. The best part is the wheels only cost $2,000 for a set which is a total bargain in the world of gigantic rims.

Now you can be the iciest stunna on the block. With these clear wheels it will look like your tires are just hovering in place. Heck, tell people they are made out of solid diamonds, they might believe you; but good luck keeping these things clean.

-Bill Mertz

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2 Responses to “Wheels so Clean you can See Right Through.”

  1. boo Says:

    Maybe you could spray paint them silver???

  2. joe Says:

    those rims are sick

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