Lack of Towing Causes Obesity Update

January 24th, 2007 by William

Fighting obesity and towing a trailer without an SUV

Just one day after getting riled up over a Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America (SUVOA) press release that linked America’s growing problem of obesity and diabetes to the lack of towing capacity in passenger cars I received another release from the SUVOA and they are still at it. This release didn’t start out targeting lack of towing capacity in fact the headline, “Proposals to Increase Fuel Economy Standards Could Cause More Highway Deaths, Limit Vehicle Choice”, lead me to believe that there would be no mention of towing. But as I read through the text I came upon this paragraph:

“Faced with a shrinking selection of passenger cars with sufficient towing power, America’s outdoor enthusiasts have turned to light trucks for recreation. Light trucks have become workhorses for families heading out on vacations, towing trailers and hauling clothes, mountain bikes, skis, fishing and camping equipment, and other outdoor gear. If they tried to do that in high-miles-per-gallon compacts, the better decision probably would be to stay home and add to the pattern of physical inactivity and the obesity epidemic it has spawned.”


Maybe motorcycles are the solution to our small vehicle towing woes.

Give me a break. The better decision probably would be to leave your big honkin’ trailer behind and stay in a tent instead. I know for a fact that you can fit bikes, skis, fishing gear and camping equipment in or on extremely small cars. As a matter of fact I’ve taken my MGB camping on many occasions, and fit a tent, stove, clothes, food and fishing pole in it with no problem. I could have put a rack on the back and taken my bike or skis as well. If I want to do all that and take a trailer than I would have no problem with taking a truck or SUV, that is what they are for. But the idea that if your car can’t tow a giant trailer you would probably just stay at home and add to the obesity epidemic is freaking ridiculous and absolutely hilarious.

Watch out Prius owners, your cars can’t tow much so obesity and diabetes are knocking on your door.

-Bill Mertz

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    hot lava

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    Its good

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