That Kit is Hella Crazy Dude.

January 16th, 2007 by William


The import car scene has always made me chuckle a little. It is really hard to take people seriously when they think things like Combat wings and Weapon R intakes are God’s gift to the car world. But I’m not one to hate, if they like it who am I to disagree, I drive a crappy old British car with a giant Union Jack on the hood, but I’m getting off topic. If you have ever been to an import show, you know that your car is nothing if it doesn’t have a body kit. The challenge with body kits is to come up with something that is wild, crazy (or cracy) and most importantly unique. Well I think I have found the body kit to top all body kits.


A friend of mine was cleaning out his email box and sent this link my way. Mental Motors has created a “How To” site detailing among other things how to build your own The Fast and The Furious style body kit out of wood, and they did an awesome job. This kit looks amazingly authentic from the hood scoop to the ridiculous wing. Attention to detail was not overlooked. A close examination of the photos reveals Ferrari style faux slotted side intakes and a bulbous rear valence that serves absolutely no purpose. I can’t wait to build one for Jeep. It’s gonna take a lot of plywood.

Check out the boys at Mental Motors

-Bill Mertz

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