RoadRace: Best Film You Will Ever See Starring Hot Wheels

February 7th, 2007 by William

The man behind the movie

Someone posted this movie to one of the car related email lists I belong too. It is a simply phenomenal short film that uses Hot Wheels die cast cars to depict a street race. While there are a few incongruities–it appears that the cars are racing through a town or city in England but the cars are good ‘ol fashion American hot rods (I guess it’s not impossible)–this short film as a whole really impressed me. The sound effects perfectly match the action, the cuts are sharp and timely, and the burnouts are so realistic. This short is almost in the same league Bullitt when it comes to car chase scenes. Hot Wheels should use this for a TV commercial spot.

The young man who made this video has a Myspace page where you can check to see when he puts out his next genius piece of work. Until then enjoy Road Race:


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-Bill Mertz

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3 Responses to “RoadRace: Best Film You Will Ever See Starring Hot Wheels”

  1. Paul Says:

    Awesome! Too bad you got this toy related video before I did! heh

  2. William Says:

    You can still post it on your blog. It will still get you some traffic, and I could care less. Help yourself.

  3. Paul Says:

    If I remember to do it, I will… hehe. I’ll link back to you though if I do.

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    The man behind the movie Someone posted this movie to one of the car related email lists I belong too. It is a simply phenomenal short film that uses Hot Wheels die cast cars to depict a street [...]
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