Ghost Ride the Volvo

by William

It looks inevitable. My home town Oakland A’s are heading to Fremont and I’m not happy about it at all. But I’m not the only one. All across Oakland there is a sweeping feeling of sadness and depression as Oaklanders come to grips with their team heading to the south bay. Some residents are still clinging to the shred of hope that the A’s will remain in the Land of O but that is as unlikely as Jeremy Giambi sliding into home plate… unless the citizens of Oakland come together to protest this injustice.

That’s exactly what Ben and Nate, two youngsters from “the Town”, decided to do. The only question was what form the protest should take. Oakland has a long standing tradition of social justice and protest. From Huey P. Newton and the Black Panthers to Barbara Lee, a quick look in the history books would have given these guys plenty of info on staging sit-ins, rallies and marches. But Ben and Nate wanted something that was uniquely Oakland. That’s when they knew they had to “Ghost Ride It”.

For those who don’t know, ghost riding, also known as ghost ridin’ the whip, is a trend that started in Oakland involving a car driving in gear with know one behind the wheel. Usually there is someone on the hood or trunk of the car and the doors are open. The effect makes it look like a ghost is driving the car, hence the name. This trend has been encapsulated in several hip hop songs as well, the most notable being Ghost Ride It by Oakland’s own Mr. FAB.

The first known person to ghost ride was a young Oakland gentleman by the name of Critty Bo. Following in Mr. Bo’s footsteps Ben and Nate did some ghost riding of their own–in their Volvo. I don’t know if ghost riding the Volvo will help keep the A’s in Oakland but it sure is entertaining and it can’t hurt.

-Bill Mertz

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5 Responses to “Ghost Ride the Volvo”

  1. Tracey Says:

    this is great. you know i live in oaktown too. and i drive a volvo. wait til i share this with my teens!

  2. William Says:

    Glad you have some Oakland pride. Be sure to mention Mr. Fab when talking to your teens, then they will think you are really in on the scene.

  3. Paul Says:

    Hah, I live in Fremont, suckers! That stadium in Oakland is kind of a dump…

  4. William Says:

    I would say the Joke is on you, you live in Fremont:) But seriously they needed a new stadium badly, and I’m really disappointed that Jerry Brown and our fine city didn’t do more to keep them here. They really dropped the ball on this one. Now we’ll have to treck south (I’ve heard even south of Fremont) to where there is massive traffic congestion and no public transit to speak of in order to see a game. I saw in the neighborhood of 25 games this year. In 4 years when they’re in Fremont it will be more like 2 a season….if I’m still a fan.

  5. Niece Mollie Says:

    My daddy drives a 88 Volvo Turbo 740 Wagon. Its like that!!!

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