Four Door Sedan That Gets 100 MPG

March 2nd, 2007 by William


I’ve been on a technology kick lately and my searches for new gadgets and gizmos lead me to the Popular Mechanics website. It is here that I found a great article about high miles per gallon (mpg) vehicles from this month that featured a headline that caught my attention, “100 MPG Available Now! Where’s the magic carburetor? Where’s the car that runs on water? Those are fantasies, but listen up: A four-door that gets 100 mpg really is possible. Today, with current technology.”

The catchy headline combine with Jay Leno’s face plastered all over the magazine’s website enticed me into reading more. As stated in the article, there are already vehicles in production that are nearing the magic 100 mpg mark. In Europe the Volkswagen Lupo 3L turbo diesel and the Audi A2, which use the same engine, get nearly 80 mpg by shutting down the engine every time the car stops (I know it sounds a bit odd). There are even people who have achieved 100 mpg in modified hybrids with solar panels fitted to the roof, but that was only on certain daylight trips, not on average.

The VW Lupo 3L tdi has a tiny 1.2 liter motor that shuts down and restarts automatically at stop lights which helps give it impressive mileage, yet it can still pull almost 120 mph!

The article goes on to show that it is possible to build a car with technology that is available today, that can carry four people, under its own power and get 100 MPG. Would it be expensive? Yes, it definitely would be, but the possibility exists none the less. By reducing mass (using lightweight materials throughout the vehicle), making a slippery low drag skin, and using an efficient power plant a 100 mpg average is not just a pipe dream.

To check out the full text of Ben Stewart’s article click on the pic:

-Bill Mertz

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  1. Mike Says:

    Hypermilers regularly get over 100 mpg in hybrids today. It requires special circumstances/driving, but it is being done. I recently read a story where they held a competition in which the winner attained 180 mpg (I’m not sure about the exact figure).

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