Dude, you bought a girl car?

by Will Thompson


Please note that we here at AutomotiveBlogger.net are not recommending cars for girls, nor are we recommending men don’t buy the following cars. This blog is written in the United States of America, and for the time being we are all free to buy whichever car we wish. If I happen to name the car that’s in your driveway and you suddenly feel insulted, well, lighten up, Francis. My aim with this post not to insult, but rather it is to point out that at some point after buying one of the cars on this list that you will most likely hear a comment about your car being a “girl car”. If you’re a “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” kind of person then not only do you have my admiration and respect, but you are also free to read on, Admiral Farragut. If you are not and you buy one of the cars on this list, then don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5.) Mazda Miata


When the Mazda Miata was introduced in 1989 as a 1990 model, it was meant to herald the second coming of convertible sports cars that were small, handled great, and were sparse on conveniences. Sports car guys were giddy, especially the editors at car magazines like Car and Driver and Road and Track, who saw the Miata as a return to cars like the Lotus Elan and the MGB of the mid 1900s. Unfortunately, they were really cute and affordable and became the epitome of a top-down-at-the-mall girl car. The Miata is pretty far down the list due to a seriously fanatic group of supporters at places like Miata.net, a pretty hardcore racing series, and the awesomely badass Monster Miata conversions.

4.) Toyota RAV4


With as many soccer moms as you see driving tank-like SUVs down the road, you’d think picking a girl-SUV would have been easier than I found it to be. Since Marge Simpson’s Canyonero isn’t a real car, I picked the small SUV that I’ve never known to have been bought by a guy for himself (including the one I looked to buy - not for myself): The Toyota RAV4. Just look at it. If it were smaller, you could totally picture it in a woman’s closet, couldn’t you?

3.) Volkswagen (New) Beetle


I have to confess: I love Volkswagen Beetles. Older ones, that is. I have all the Herbie movies on DVD, and I even have a Herbie Rides Again paperback book. For being as groovy and cult-worthy as the old ones were, the newer ones just don’t look right with a man behind the wheel. Volkswagen may as well embrace their image and make a Hello Kitty edition of this car.

2.) Mustang Convertible (especially the four and six cylinder versions)


Cute sister of the more macho Mustang GT, this is the car that car guy dads get for their daughters and drive themselves around in on the weekends while the daughter is “grounded”. Suuuuurrrre it’s your daughter’s car, car guy dads of America. Whatever you guys need to tell yourselves to sleep better at night. It’s her car.

1.) Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf Cabriolet


This is the quintessential girl car. It’s impossible for a guy to drive one for a week and not hear comments about how “girly” it is from guys and “cute” it is from girls. As if they just plain gave up on any semblance of masculinity, Volkswagen even used the French word for “car with a folding top”.

If I ever saw a male construction worker jump into one of these after a hard day on the job, I would have an immediate coronary.

There you have it. Anybody remember one I missed?

–Will Thompson

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132 Responses to “Dude, you bought a girl car?”

  1. Winnie Says:

    I used to want a Mazda Miata so much! I even had a little photo of it hanging up in my bedroom.

  2. Will Thompson Says:


    It was actually a friend of mine a long time ago that sold his motorcycle and bought a Miata that inspired this post.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Mini Cooper!! I think (esp certain colors) this just says, “I am sooo cute and girlie.”

  4. PENIX Says:

    If you don’t drive a truck, you are a woman.

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  6. John Says:

    I have to disagree about the Mustangs (at least from the 60s which did not come in 4 cylander engines.) Mustangs are guys’ cars. Not men’s cars, but they’re for all the men who want to be a guy again. And you are right, father’s who buy it for their daughters are really buying them for themselves. Something about working on a mustang goes a long way to restoring youth (and this from a guy who was 16 in 1986 and got my first and last 20 year old mustang).

  7. TB Says:

    I’ve owned Miatas for a number of years (and for nearly a decade, they were my sole form of transportation), and I am currently the proud owner of a 94 R-Type.

    Whenever anyone would give me guff about driving a “girl’s car”, I’d usually say one of two things:

    “Come out to the Auto-X this Sunday, and I’ll spot you a whole gate”


    “You sit right there for fifteen minutes [points to passenger seat] and then tell me weather you think it’s a girl’s car or not.”

    Usually within a handful of corners I’d have misanthropic truck drivers and drag racers screaming for mercy, but at least it’d shut their ignorant mouths.

  8. R. Figueroa Says:

    For me, it has to be the ford focus. Being a heterosexual every time I drive one of those cars I feel so gay.

  9. Will Thompson Says:


  10. ray Says:

    the eclipse. and unfortunatly my dad bought a RAV4, so there is one.

  11. Pat Nolan Says:

    I was right there with you until the Mustang.

    The Mustang a girlie car? Shelby Cobra, Boss 302, polyester suit with wide collars Cobra II, the Saleen, the return of Shelby the Mclaren — girlie? The SVO … well, maybe.

    How about the Baretta and the Sunfire? I have never seen a guy driving one. Or if you have to go with a new car - the HHR.

  12. Kevin Says:

    VW Jetta! I think this is way more of a girl car than the Mustang convertible.

    @Penix - I see more chicks driving big trucks and SUVs these days - usually with a bent fender from hitting something/someone.

  13. mike Says:

    Ford Thunderbird (the newer one).

  14. Billy Bob Says:

    3 words: honda del sol

  15. Jeff Says:

    Kia Sportage. Not even a girl car, but the official SUV of old ladies on the phone.

  16. Nug Says:

    How could you guys forget the Mitsubishi Eclipse? Thats been one of the girliest cars around for years!

  17. spongy Says:

    Yeah, if you don’t drive a gas-guzzling behemoth, you’re not manly. Might as well chop ‘em off, right?

    Despite what the idiot box may tell ya, there is definitely a place in the masculine world for intelligence, and that includes buying a small, fuel efficient car. It’s just smart. Sheesh.

  18. Your Mother Says:

    you totally forgot the Mitsubishi Eclipse

  19. Matthew Says:

    If the Mazda Miata is a girlie small convertible, then the Jeep Wrangler is the most girlie SUV. Just because girls want/love them does not necessarily mean that they are girlie.

    I get where you are coming from, though.

  20. mike Says:

    Anyone who depends upon a car for their masculinity has serious issues.

  21. Gabe Says:

    …and then the remaining cars fall into the category of “small penis”-guy-trying-to-compensate…car

  22. Squid Says:

    If you drive a truck, your a gas guzzling ass hole.

  23. Steve Says:

    One super-girly car you overlooked: the Mazda MX-3 Precidia.

  24. Steve Says:

    One super-girly car that you overlooked: the Mazda MX-3 Precidia.

  25. Jack Says:

    you forgot the volkswagen eos…
    miata drivers are pussies…

  26. wiut Says:

    A real man doesn’t a pile of metal to prove his masculinity. Driving a macho car is like saying,”I am a straight man and I love beautiful women!”

  27. Jeff Says:

    What a bunch of utter stupidity. Rednecks…

  28. Scott Says:

    I’m sure that #6 would have been Hyundai Tiburon (any year, any model).

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  30. Victor Says:

    The Karmann Ghia. ’nuff said. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Karmann_Ghia

  31. Victor Says:

    Karmann Ghia. ’nuff said. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Karmann_Ghia

  32. jamie martin Says:

    i just traded my black 93 cabriolet in for a silver 03 cabrio and i don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks :)

    i can put the top down and admire the stars on my commute home from work, and if some prick wants to question my sexuality - then let him.

  33. Rich Says:

    If you drive a truck and don’t work construction, you have a small ….

  34. apollo Says:

    in detroit almost every girl i know drives a pontiac sunfire

  35. mike Says:

    If your masculinity depends on what car you drive, you have serious problems.

  36. leftfield11 Says:

    Cavalier Z24 Convertible, Pontiac Sunfire, Dodge Neon

  37. Ryan Says:

    My male roomate drives a red cabriolet, and loves it. A mitsubishi eclipse would work as well.

  38. Todd Says:

    Bollocks. I drive a Rav-4. I wasn’t aware that the small size of the car could make it girly.

  39. Jeff Says:


    I you don’t have a good reason to drive a truck (hauling crap, offroad, etc.), but still drive a truck anyway, you’re just overcompensating for something.

  40. Jason Says:

    My roommate has a VW Jetta… we tease him all the time about it being a girl car. Most of our girl friends also tell him how cute it is. I intend to sneak a Roxy sticker on it one of these days.

  41. WHAAAAAT Says:


    Where the hell is the Eclipse? Thats totally a chick car.

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  43. Eludium-Q36 Says:

    Gahd, there are SO MANY more, this needs to be a 50-list instead of a girlie 5: Any BMW 3 vehicle, Chevy Aveo, Cobalt, Malibu, Chry-300, Crossfire (yes, it is), PT Cruiser, Sebring, Ford Focus, Fusion, 500, Honda Civic AND Accord, CR-V, Element, Fit, Hyundai Elantra and Sonata, Jeep Compass and Liberty, almost any Kia, Mazda 3,5,6 … and I’m only to the M’s. Oh, and all mini-vans and sissy pickups. And any vehicle in white — ANY vehicle. Yep, too much girlie metal out there to list.

  44. Mehul Says:

    I think it was true of the old miata but the new ones are pretty nice and less girlie. My wife had the old one in your pic and I would definetly not drive that. The new one I would.

    Mini cooper I don’t think is girlie. I mean Austin Powers drove one.

  45. Pete Says:

    You forgot the Mitsubishi Eclipse and the Eclipse convertible. Also every time I see a Scion Tc on the road there is a girl behind the wheel. Oh and Kelly the mini cooper is not a chick car. I see plenty of heterosexual guys driving that car. By the way i drive a Subaru legacy.

  46. Bart Says:

    I always thought Pontiac Grand Am’s were a bit girlish

  47. Tye Says:

    The Jeep Liberty is far girlier than the RAV4, tho’ the first-gen RAV was even girlier than the current model pictured here. Seriously, has anyone EVER seen a dude driving a “Lady Liberty”?

    Hopefully, Chrysler’s new corporate owners Cerberus will take the “dame” out of what DaimlerChrysler has done to the once proud, macho, rugged Jeep formula of yore — viz., turned them into too-cute, too-refined, Disneyfied Barbie Jeeps. Granted, some gals always drove olde-skoole CJs and boxy old Cherokees with a similar tomboyish attitude as when they wore their man’s boxers or Oxford shirts; however, playing up that angle by making Jeeps “more appealing to women buyers” is like designing Oxfords and boxers for women — it may make them more appealing to women, but don’t expect any men to buy them.

  48. Travis Says:

    you forgot the Cavalier, and the Sunfire, and they have to be white

  49. Mosi Says:

    I’m just sayin’ the Kia Sportage is probably the girliest of SUVs. The wife was going to buy one and I realized that I would never be able to drive it without a full disguise with vocal distortion

  50. djconnor Says:

    What- no Honda CRV???

  51. Greg Says:

    Well, too bad you couldn’t include whole brands, like VW or Volvo. The Chrysler Sebring and Mercedes-Benz CLK are other girl cars, too.

  52. Eric Says:

    I agree only with the RAV4 and the Beetle. As long as the Mustang is a GT with a stick it’s fine. Miatas are likely the best attainable sports car, and older Rabbits also handle great, ragtop or not.

    PENIX: I hope you enjoy $4/gal of gas this summer.

  53. Brute Says:

    Anyone with a blog is a girl. Guys are out hunting or fishing or hauling stuff in their truck. Girls are sitting at home making blog comments about how “girly” one car is compared to another. Like teenage girls at a school lunch discussing “OMG, like, which girl is like, hot or not, ya know.”

  54. pastywhitegirl Says:

    if you don’t ride a harley that you haven’t lost skin to, you are a woman.

  55. SnoopDougieDoug Says:

    Not just a truck, but a 1-ton diesel RAM 3500 you pencil neck!

  56. Kapem Says:

    Not all of those are what I would have picked…I don’t see how the Toyota Celica didn’t make the cut!!

  57. Hill Arious Says:

    Dude you forgot to add SUBARU OUTBACK / FORESTER. Buying this type of car will ensure your friends think you are a lesbian.

  58. Blake Says:

    Convertible BMW 3-series are pretty girly, especially if you look back at the models from the 1980s. Also,I think the older Lexus IS300 is way up there.

  59. James Biehl Says:

    I think the Audi TT (older models) are pretty girly cars..

  60. Peaner Says:

    Lol penix you couldnt be more right. Im not messing around.

  61. Bill (the former blogger) Says:

    I would bump the rav4 in favor of the BMW 325 convertible from the late ’80s. Yuppie and girlie.

  62. Yeah Says:

    Yeah, if you dont drive a truck, you’re a pussy who’s afraid of showing off his giant ball sack!!

    trucks = bigger ball sacks!!

    Suck it libs!!! suck it!

  63. Nick Says:

    I drive a cabriolet and I find it funny when people say its a girls car. Mainly because I am comfortable enough with my sexuality to drive it and I think the people who say its a girls car are really saying they aren’t comfortable enough with their own sexuality to drive something that has feminine qualities. My cabriolet is the most fun car I’ve ever driven and what’s wrong with driving something that doesn’t ooze testerone from every seam?

  64. dizz Says:

    the quintessential girl first-car? red pontiac sunfire?

  65. Steve Says:

    Any guy who drives a truck for the sole reason that he hopes it will make other people think he is manly has some serious insecurity issues. Drive whatever vehicle makes you happy and stop worrying what other people think about you.

  66. blademonkey Says:

    Acura RSX is a total chick car.

  67. KingKodak Says:

    I think we’re all brainwashed by
    years of commercial television.

  68. Bob Says:

    Any car is a man’s car if the driver is man enough. Watching people fuss over what a “girly” car is cracks me up.

  69. Morbieus Says:

    #4 not quite true. I don’t like driving big bulky poor handling vehicles.

    Give me a good standard sports coupe anyday. Cause real men drive stick.

  70. Jason Says:

    The Mitsubishi Eclipse should definitely be on the list of also-rans. I swear, that car was like one or two Gilmore Girls eps away from calling me at my office (again) just to say ‘Hi!’ (again).

    Er. Not me, I mean. Some guy. Other. Some other guy, heh. ::cough:: Not me.

    Oh, and I heard a story about some guy who owned an Eclipse — had the nerve to make him run out to the Rite-Aid at 3am one night when it ran out of Tampax Ultra Heavy Flows. He also said it made him feel better to be able to tell someone about it and finally get it off my chest.

    His. His chest. His chest. Not mine. Other guy. Not my chest.

    I’m gonna go. I should go.

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  72. brocascious Says:

    The Honda CRX was rather girly. Cute, but girly.

  73. robin Says:

    what are you talking about - the vw golf cabriolet is a car for a true man!!

  74. Jay Says:

    Here in Europe, first gen Audi TT. Blond bimbo car, absolutely.
    Second gen is fine though, thank god much more muscular.

  75. ben jones Says:

    as if a mk1 golf (in any flavour) is a girly car.

    you are wrong wrong wrong.

  76. martin Says:

    The Ford Ka! Not sure if its just a european car, but its a joke! google it

  77. J-Bo Says:

    Kelly - Mini Coopers are so not a girls car! They rock! Have you not seen The Italian Job?

    I reckon a Vauxhall Corsa is a bit girly too, especially in some colours.

  78. Amby Says:

    Guess this doesn’t apply to other countries except USA. Where I live cars have no gender, (unless it’s a Ford KA).

  79. peter Says:

    The Cadillac SRX “crossover SUV” is a wicked girl car, older girl, but girl car none the less.

  80. sehaare Says:

    “If I ever saw a male construction worker jump into one of these after a hard day on the job, I would have an immediate coronary”

    Well then come watch this 6 ft, 230 LB 20 year Navy veteran tear around corners in his 1981 “Cabby” after I get off from my current job and remove my hard had, saftety glasses, and “steel toes”. These cars handle like they are on rails if you take the time to set them up right.

    What are you trying to compensate for with the car you drive? Girl car list are so girly.

  81. Jeremy Says:

    You also forgot the Chrysler Seabring convertible.

  82. LinzBenz Says:

    You missed the Honda Prelude!

  83. Phil Says:

    Ha, #1 comes as no surprise to me! I drove one loaned to me by a car-collecting relative for about a month, while my regular car was in the shop. I lost track of how many times I was hit on by guys in parking lots!

    It was a lot of fun to drive, though. It didn’t hurt that it came with a Devo cassette already loaded in the stereo!

  84. Punchinelli Says:

    You forgot Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe

    I see guys driving these machines all around…..sure, they are insanely quick, but it’s clearly a girl’s car

  85. Tom B. Says:

    Wheeewww… my Honda Element didn’t make the list. I feel just ever-so-slightly more masculine now.

  86. Jeffrey Says:

    I just came.

  87. Ken Says:

    Unless you drive a newer Wrangler or one of those Cute-ute things, seems those are mostly driven by females.

    I’m a MINI Cooper owner and am surprised it didn’t make the list, really I feel it should be #5 behind the Miata with the RAV4 being bumped to a #6 runner up slot.

  88. J Says:

    If you place labels on people for what they drive, you are a douche.

  89. Cassy Says:

    LOL @ readers being defensive and bringing up personal and childhood issues on a blog regarding sexuality because they have nothing better to do.

    Also, LOL @ folks like “J” with his self-righteous individuality comment. I’m sure you’re changing lives, man. Keep your head up~

  90. Eamon Says:

    My picks:
    Mercury Cougar
    Toyota Celica, 7th gen (2000-2005)
    Pontiac Sunfire

  91. Dug Says:

    Haha. I own a Miata and it is the funnest car I have owned. I do admit, it is a girl car, but with guys in mind. It has a very customizable engine and the fact that it’s rear-wheel drive kind of makes up for a lot of the ‘girl-ness’. I think most of the femininity comes from the 1st gen body style. The 2nd gen is a little more masculine, and the new ones kind of go back to the girliness. All in all, I’m glad I have a Miata. It will still kick the butts of most of the ‘tuners’ out there and I haven’t really even done anything to it.

  92. baconboy Says:

    have to vote for the eclipse. though the mustang is appropriate, it may fall on deaf ears in this era.

    the eclipse is more timely. guys would drive it, but their girlfriends owned it.

  93. Matt Says:

    I disagree with the miata and mustang. I’ve never seen a girl driving a miata and while I dont like mustangs, there’s really nothing girlie about them. I was also expecting to see Pontiac Sunfire. i think they recently stopped making them. but never saw a guy drive one.

  94. dusty Says:


    toyota solara, or the lexus equivalent.

    the “girliest” of cars, if by “girl” you mean “driven exclusively by tiny asian women with giant attitudes and razor-sharp fingerpointing skills.”

    i should call my therapist.

  95. Pat Says:

    How many of ye actually drove the cars your talking about…

  96. Brian Says:

    When any of you guy friends buy a girly car, always be sure to ask them if they ordered the optional tampon dispenser.

  97. SherpaSherpa Says:

    Oh god, I see so many chicks driving F-150s it’s ridiculous. I won’t drive one of those. I don’t see so many chicks driving Silverados though, but I don’t see many guys driving them either. No one likes those trucks.

  98. YJSAABMAN Says:

    Ahhh…The ignorance of the narrow minded. If you don’t have enough backbone to drive whatever you like and say “F%*# off!” to those who call it a “girly car”, or anything else, for that matter, than you better crawl back under your bed to hide from the world!

  99. Will Thompson Says:


    Very well said.

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  101. DirrtyDirrty Says:

    Chevy Cavalier and Dodge Neon. I find it hilarious when I see it modified with spoilers and a big exhaust.

  102. Azrael Says:

    mustangs, especially the ones in the last 10 years beat all in girliness, no self respecting guy would be cought dead in those overwieght, sluggish, family cars.

  103. crispycritter Says:

    1992 Geo Metro LSI convertible. Especially when it’s bright yellow and has a 3 cylinder .996 liter engine. A whopping 62HP. But almost 47MPG on the interstate.

  104. Richthecopyguy Says:

    So since my daily driver is a Dodge Magnum and my weekend/summer classic toy is an 84 Rabbit convertable, I must be sexually confused. I’ll be sure to let my wife and kids know!

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  107. MK1DROPTOP Says:

    Hey I know all about the sterotype of the cabby being a girls car. However the jetta is not a girls car(automatic mk3 2.0, and mk4 1.8 non turbos kind of are). But I am appaled at the lack of respect to the v dubs. You show me a scarier car then a mk1 cabby vrt big turbo…..

  108. Cody Archer Says:

    I’ve got to go with Billy Bob - Honda Del Sol. I’ve even heard it being refered to as the Del Tuna.

  109. Paul Says:

    “You sit right there for fifteen minutes [points to passenger seat] and then tell me weather you think it’s a girl’s car or not.”
    That sounds like a gay pick up line.
    Anyway the Miata is BEYOND girly. Unless you’re under 4 feet tall, any dude looks disproportionate in it. I had to laugh once, this guy who is real full of himself came in bragging up how he bought his new sports car, he was acting like it was a BMW… when he said it was a Miata I had to hide my reaction.

  110. mark taggart Says:

    this white cabriolet isint girly..


  111. Karl Says:

    I used to have a mustang, I now have a cabriolet, and would like to one day have a miata to play with.

    But I am a “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” kind of person, so carry on.

  112. Robert Says:

    Perhaps you should learn a thing or two about automobiles prior to make such comments, they not only make you look foolish, but they also exhibit the fact that you lack absolutly any car knowlage.
    If you are going to make a comment about how girly a car is saying simply that Volkswagen even used the French word for “car with a folding top”. Meeans absolutly nothing, if anything it goes to prove my point that you lack any automotive knowlage.
    Your example:
    If I ever saw a male construction worker jump into one of these after a hard day on the job, I would have an immediate coronary.

    Truely exibits how sad your knowlage of automobiles is, because its not only a poor example but it also fails to show absolutly anything.
    For next time, if you want to describe a car as being girly, try using some techincal data, something like: “a recent study found that most people who purchase this car are…” or
    “when we asked volkswagen who the target audience is for this car, they replied…”

    all the best

  113. Karl Says:

    BTW, I also used to be a construction worker.

  114. Will Thompson Says:

    Damn the torpedoes, Karl. Good on ya.

  115. dani Says:

    The Miata isn’t a girl car it’s a gay guy’s car. I never see girls driving them. With the Mini Cooper it depends on if it is a standard Mini or a Mini Cooper S. The standard model, especially the convertible is actually only sold to females. The Cooper S is a guy car.

  116. ManBox Says:

    Just keep building a smaller box for yourselves, manly men. Retreat to 3/4 ton black pickups, canned beer, football and rare meat. Cede the vast remainder of the universe to women, homosexuals, and ‘girly men’.

    That’s best, because at least this way nobody could wonder for a second whether you’re gay. Wait, now you are only hanging out with other men obsessed with Manliness… Hmmmm….

  117. LunaNegra Says:

    One of the most ‘girly’ was the Suzuki Sidekick which was made 1990-1998. It later morphed into the Geo Tracker. Every one I ever saw was driven by a girl. It was the ‘cute’ alternative to the Jeep wrangler with the large oversized tires that all the boys drove.

    I’ve included a link to some pics to refresh your memory!

  118. Gavin Says:

    You know, if I remember the sales figures correctly, large SUVs are purchased disproportionately by households where women influence the decision. I think that means that the Suburban and Excursion are the ultimate girly cars! I’ll stick with my ancient Golf III and risk having some enormous chick-SUV kill me in traffic, thank you.

  119. Benjo Says:

    The mk1 Golf Cabriolet is really no longer a girly car, though it *might* have been for awhile… It takes a lot of work to keep those on the road and in good shape, so it seems like a lot of guys have them now.

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  121. teresa swerhun Says:

    i am a female and a grandmother and i perfer to drive the chevy ssr must be a girly truck hey guys

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  123. Donna Cooks Says:

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  125. the girl or the car Says:

    Well, at least this makes it easier when deciding between your girl and your car. http://thegirlorthecar.com/

  126. Jeff Says:

    Real cars=Any 60s Muscle Car, any 60s Full size car New Yorker, Impala ect or any full size Chevy Van. Any Crown Victoria Police Interceptors (BIG and Bullit Proof) I guarantee these Crown Victorias will outlast any peace of Jap Crap out there. You dont see cab companys or police depts using front wheel drive Jap cars; they wouldnt make it to 100k miles but these Ford Crown Victorias (police versions) can go 500k + of HARD milage and they look tough who gives a lick about gas milage. Sissies worry about gas mileage and buy these overpriced rice burners for 20k plus and think that there saving money on fuel while their making big car payments every month.

  127. JimWColeman Says:

    I had a cherry VW Cabriolet convertible with the folding top and I’m a guy. Then I sold it and bought a 2002 Cabrio. Not only am I a guy, I’m an “alpha male” kind of guy - very successful and secure enough in myself to drive that kind of car. My guy friends always teased me for driving a “girlie” car - until they saw how many women just wanted to go for a ride in it … I was all too happy to oblige. ;)

  128. Bob Plumer Says:

    Mustang!? I agree with most of them but a Mustang? A couple of additions may be the Neon(I hate to say I used to own one), PT Cruiser anything by KIA. As for the Miata we can’t forget “Mia” and “Tia”, Lightning McQueen’s groupies from the movie “Cars”. I love the old Beetle’s but never quite felt the same about the new ones. The few guy’s I knew that drive them are of let’s say questionable character and we’ll leave it at that.

  129. Dude, you bought a girl car? — Info about Car Auto and Motors Says:

    […] RAV4. Just look at it. If it were smaller, you could totally picture it in a woman source: Dude, you bought a girl car?, Automotive […]

  130. Amos Says:

    Well I guess I swing both ways then…I have a Honda Civic SI (210 HP 6 speed 4 cylinder) and a Ford SVT Lightning Pickup (385 HP/450ft.lbs torque, 13 second quarter mile stock pickup)…..People crack me up when they judge someone’s masculinity by the vehicle they drive. There are many manufacturers, many styles, and each one has its own strong points. I’d drive a pink Geo Metro with polkadots if it had a blown V8 in it.

  131. Patrick Says:

    you guys all talk shit! I own a big ass gmc with a 454 I own an s10 with a 355 done to the tits and I own an mx_3 precidia and it will keep right up with the s10 and the s10 runs 13.5 on the quarter. plus girls love the mx-3 and it’s fun to drive

  132. Patrick Says:

    you just can’t beat a well toleranced jspec motor.

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